We are a corporation handling with the processing of optical instrument an a whole.
TEC Corporation

address: 195-1 nishinocho Takehara city Hiroshima




≪Basic idea ・management policy≫

Basic Idear

「Our prime concideration should be the customers satisfaction」

management policy


We are making an effort to improve the quality aiming at the Zero of own customers claim

■Jackling with quality

arrangement, adjusting,cleaning, discipline and manners are not only the prime principle but also the prime base of our accomplishment. We are aiming at these 6S as the first principle to our employees education and the improvement of their productive ability.

①3 attack operations toward the qualitative improvement next points must be arranged and accomplished as a target. In addition to this the poor ratio of bad quality material as well as lotout and our customers claim must be curtailed for the purpose of each goal of our corporation.

②quality meeting (each process in held once per month, all must be attended).

③small group operation

④adoption of the qualification system toward own inspection and a high grade management system for purpose of the inspection system.

2. Cost

we can lower and curtail our price on cost. So that, you can pay as little as possible.

■Jackling with the cost curtailment

Driving toward own ratinalization

①building of our own production system.

②developing of our own equipment (automigation)

③rationaligation meeting (once per a month: each responsible person of each process must attend).

3.Time for delivery

we must the programmed time for deliveryby all members.

■Jackling with the time for delivery

strengthening of the productive management.

①making of our own productive management system.

②remodelling and maintenanse of the rapid productive management system.

③carring out of rationalization system (one per a month: each responsible person per each process unit must be attended).

The message from manager

「all member in my family」
May 1, 2013
the chairman of representative board of the director Hirotaka mito

  I have been making an effort toward the target of so called 「family management」 for 28 years. Every this thing is born from Love.that’s to love your family as well as your fellow. To forgive, believe, encourage and help each other will make a true companion , who will be glad of each other's growth and realigation of own's dream.

Future vision

「Presenvation of our own corporation and social contribution」
・craftmanship toward distinction

our customers earnestly want everything as forrows. That’s craftmanship to distinction, cost cutting, proving it's quality and realizing something which they couldn't accomplish. In order to survive we should make an effort to get, improve and carry out these technical skill. pioneering of new market for own business. we aim at making new products. we are now depeloping an electly battery business, so this one will grow larger than we expect, i think so we hope that this business will develop as fast as possible.

・Jackling with new business

We aim for the development of our own products.We now promote battery business which has a potential to grow into big business.We make efforts to introduce our products in the market as soon aspossible.


we intend each member aim at the improving of his own technical skill. So we are making an effort to produce our own product instead of order one as fast as possible. Toward this goal we will be going to tackle with every member. We will try to find all social needs as properly as possible. in order to this purpose we should tackle with these quality, cost and the time for delivery by no-called Trinity. we should be in place of our customers, so we sincerly consider that we should make the product to satisfy with our customers by these product and service. we consider that our mission is contribution to our customers prosperity as well as japanese technical progress. we earnestly hope your support and favor forever.

the chairman of representative board of the director Hirotaka mito