We are a corporation handling with the processing of optical instrument an a whole.
TEC Corporation

address: 195-1 nishinocho Takehara city Hiroshima




≪engineering servise≫

engineering servise

■our core technology and the processing contents that we are good at.

・appearance examination by optic film.

・raping for the film of pattern existence.

・laminating for the optics film.

・developing for the productive rationalization facilities.

・developing for automatic test equipment.

・wiek cleaning.

・developing for the business used system.

・reservation calender.

・developing for medical system.

●In addition to the above mentioned (authorization, intellectual property, external joint research and development result)

・automatic film supply machine (making an application for patent)

・stamp auto machine (making an application for patent)

・test examination of optic film (making an application for patent)