We are a corporation handling with the processing of optical instrument an a whole.
TEC Corporation

address: 195-1 nishinocho Takehara city Hiroshima




≪developing of software≫

Developing the softwarefor computer system.

・developing and maintenance of medical system.

・making and management of home page.

・constructing and support of the network.

・PC support

・developing of the productive management system.

・making of order system.

Developing tool and environment.

Microsoft Access 2010,2007

Microsoft Excel 2010, 2007

Microsoft SQL Server 2008R2

Visual Basic.NET

Microsoft Windows 8/7

Main system

「pioneering of order-made system by Microsoft Access」

■Business system

sales management, customer's management, estimate management, credit and debt management, inventory management, inventory business, material management, member management employee management, PC POS.

■System concerning the productive control

overall productive control, barcode related system boad, man-hour plan/ work instructions productive result management by the POP, productive indicator monitoring system, capacity utilization management.

The system we can meke

a sinple system by only one PC. A small on medium scale network system. In addition to these system, we will be able to make a software developing business relating the various type industry.