We are a corporation handling with the processing of optical instrument an a whole.
TEC Corporation

address: 195-1 nishinocho Takehara city Hiroshima




≪piercing and contending of film≫

Piercing or punching

●accuracy of the outer size

①this match for the knife switch of Tomson and pinacle. Its high accuracy of the latter is ±0.10mm.
②we can ansuer the various and complicate form.( after consultation)

●positioning precision

①we use the piercing machine of the positioning function deployment (possible ±0.10mm in aligning it with the imaging camera)
②we measure position precision in a Two-dimensional image measurement device. Always we carry out feedback and a centerring after that.


●I help your development work and a sample (a little production) on a mass production.

●Laminating device

①We can cope with air bubble, particle-free, tension-free until your depelopment.
And we can reduce the dust of your product and its mixture of the air bubble to the maximum. We can laminate the thin adhesion film and no on, so we don’t make the generation of a curl.

②Laminating (Sheet to Sheet or Rigid to Sheet) ※concerning Rigid to Rigid you can require.
the laminating between some film sheets is possible.we can cope with the laminating of that panels such as a film and the glass.

③Compatible Products
we can produce the next merchandise.that’s we can make the touch panel, LCD(liquid crystal display), PDP (plasma display), EPD (electronie paper display),3D display digital signage display, and eight other digital Xrays displays and so on.



①those works will be carried out in the clean-room (clean 10,000)

②we will carry out the final check everything such as foreign substance and the dirt during our inspection in the clean room (clean 1,000)

③In connection with the first sample product we will confirm the quality such as section shapes by SEM (scanning electron microscope)

④we will accurately measure with a measurement microscope.

⑤we adopted the examiner authorigation system and high management technology to equalige the inspection precision. So you will be confident of our product.

⑥an environmental examination is possible with a small environmental examination device.


exact punching machine
(made by Sakamoto engineering Co.)


laminating device

two-dimensional measurement device
(image necognition method)


inspection (darkroom clean booth)

SEM image

microscopy measurement (made by Mitutoyo)


Use various functional film (polariging plate, reflecting plate, and lens film etc.)
rapping process (label, sticker, engraved plate, FPCwiring board, hologram, and a 3D picture etc.) which is necessary positioning such as the other printing materials.
Work of the greatest dimesion 550mm×600mm
Thickness of the film few than 1mm (after consultation because raw material may change)
effective napping area 510mm×500mm
processing accuracy outer measure accuracy :±0.10mm
positioning measure accuracy :±0.10mm
half-cut matching is possible
Processable material [Resin material] plastic material (PET), vinyl chloride (PVC), polycarbonate (PC), polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE), acrylic, teflon (PTEF), polystyrene (PS), polyimde, silicon, various rubber, various sponges, and etc.

[compound material] film laminating, materials, metal foil +film , masking materials + combination of insulating material + conductive materials and others.
※material involving some dust is not proper


    medium-sized film laminating instrument

Examples of laminating base material (1) polarizing plate (about 0.2mm) + glass (about 3.0mm) = total thickness 3.2mm
(2) AR film (about 0.1mm) + glass (about 4.0mm) = total thickness 4.1mm
(3) AR film (about 0.1mm) +light guide plate (about 2.0mm) = total thickness 2.1mm
(4) polarizing plate (about 0.2mm) + AR film (about 0.1mm) = total thickness 0.3mm
(5) polarizing plate (about 0.2mm) + AG film (about 0.15mm) = total thickness 0.35mm
(6) acrylic plate (about 4.0mm) + AR film (about 0.1mm) = total thickness 4.1mm
(7) acrylic plate (about 1.0mm) + AR film (about 0.1mm) = total thickness 1.1mm
applying film size  4”~30” (maximum 450mm×600mm)
total thickness after laminating  maximum 5.5mm
sticking accuracy  X:±0.20mm Y:±0.20mm
instrumental inside  class 100 or less (fewer)

    small-sized film laminating instrument

applicable film size  2.2”~9.8”
total thickness after laminating  maximum 8mm
sticking accuracy  X:±0.10mm Y:±0.10mm

    big-sized film laminating instrument

applicable film size  4”~50”(maximum 800mm~1200mm)
total thickness after laminating  maximum 5mm
sticking accuracy  X:±0.50mm Y:±0.50mm





Mr. Mogi is the person in charge of.